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SmartGrid GB

Best Residential Electrical Wiring

Get superior quality electrical wiring for your home from our end to ensure impeccable services all year round.

Residential Wiring

Lighting and power distribution come under residential wiring, which we handle at all stages with ease.

Electrical Outlet

Electrical equipment is connected to the electrical grid through plugs, sockets, and every other outlet.

Set Up Connection

Create the strongest connection with the grid to get electricity running through every outlet for seamless performance.

Tripped Breaker

The electrical load can be reduced to eliminate tripping. The breaker will cut the connection when the limit is crossed.

SmartGrid GB

Time to Call an Electrician When…

Check through the quality of the wiring and the connection all over your house to set the right schedule.

Seeing Sparks

Ring the electrician when you come across tiny sparks in the sockets or the conduits at your home.

No Safety Switches

If your electrical service panel at home doesn’t have safety switches, it is time to contact the electrician.

Overcrowded Outlets

This can be one of the biggest causes of widespread electrical destruction. Check the system regularly.

Flickering Lights

When the light source of your rooms starts fading or flickering, it is time to get in touch with a professional.

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SmartGrid GB is delighted to announce the publication of its new report which looks at the government’s plans for the creation of a Capacity Market and its implications for demand side response in Britain. The report, written with the assistance of international law firm Bird & Bird, commends the government for proactively engaging in reforms […]

New SmartGrid GB Report: Smart Grid – A Race Worth Winning?

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New SmartGrid GB Report Shows Smart Grid Development as Delivering £2.8 Billion to GB Economy by 2030

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SGGB Report: Smart Grid Development Saves Billions When Compared to Cost of Conventional Technologies

SmartGrid GB’s “Smart Grid: A race worth winning” report looks at the core and wider benefits of smart grid development, detailing its expected cost versus traditional reinforcements to the network in order to meet the government’s Carbon Plan. The scenarios were based on the DECC/Ofgem Smart Grid Forum evaluation framework. It finds that the savings from deploying smart […]